Friday, 9 January 2009

A quest for you!

There not many greater pleasures then a gentle journey over the river. In particular when the scenery is as great as in Aswan, Egypt. We started in Aswan where the boat took us to the tropical gardens, towards the mosque, and on our way back passed the famous Cataract Hotel.

That's me in the tropical gardens

Once we reached the desert we where taken up by camels to the mosque. The mosque had been deserted for a while apart from a group of bats! What I found fascinating is that in a little - quite dark - room, which was the prayer room I believe, a hook in the ceiling. I know, but do you know what that hook was used for?

Irma, please help me with my punctuations!


Irma said...

Lol I'm too sleepy to check the punctuation now :-P

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