Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Going Down Memory Lane

It's been 1,5 years ago since Eve and I had our backbacking adventure but only last week I finally started on putting the 700(!) photo's in an album. Or albums I should say. I probably need about six! You know I realised how wonderful photo's can be. Going through them and sorting them out brought back so many memories and transported me right back to all the wonderful places we saw and adventures we had. Things I forgot but looking at the photo's remembering the stories behind them


We had a budget we tried to stick too, but like most budgets we went through it pretty fast! For the first 6 weeks we stayed at Bed & Breakfasts, hostels and apartments but if we wanted to travel further we had too make a compromise on our accomodation. And we did: we traded it for a tent. In the burning heat going from one part of Alghero to the other in search of a tent only to find them closed for their siesta. We passed a supermarket earlier which was open so we decided to spend the half hour browsing and mainly cooling *g* their untill the camping shops would open. In Florence we saw scouts with these strange round rucksacks which I was told where tents and that's what we bought! Not too heavy, very easy to put up and handy to carry around seeing as our backpacks where already filled to the brim.

Eve cycling back to our apartment with our brand new tent

When we got back to our apartment we had to see the tent up!

To find out it was the same size as our small double bed!

That would be promising seeing as we already kept bumping into eachother at night!

Yes well that might be a problem as we found out on our first campsite

We had so much luggage it took up half the tent. Oops!

So after an uncomfortable night squeezed between all our baggage we went back to the camping shop to buy another tent for all our luggage! Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

More to carry but at least we could have a good night sleep *g*

Love, Liesel

Friday, 31 July 2009

Look what I received in the mail!

Thank you Gisela for my present! I love my mug too bits!

If your jealous and want one of your own , visit Gisela's shop

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Monday, 13 July 2009

Self doubt

As always struggling with what to do with my life. I know the lifestyle I want, but how to fit my career around it?

I want a dog

Keep ducks

Plotter in my vegetable garden

Paint, sew, make pottery


I guess you can say that I'm a romantic at heart :o)

But most of all I want a dog. Badly. I love the company and comfort adog gives and it always great to come and be greeted with so much love. To go on long walks, and play catch. Also a dog makes me feel safe. She will guard the house and me. But to have a full time job and work full time seems egoïstic. The poor creature will be stuck home alone all day. Thankfully there are dog walking services who will walk your dog when you're not home, but still.

I've always been struggling with my self confidence, or lack of it. I'm usually very enthusiastic about a college/university course I really want to do but after a while the doubts start to come in. Is it something I really want to do? Am I good enough? Can I find work in it? Even the bad 'what will other people think if I did this?'. It's get's be nowhere except in a big muddle. Perhaps I'm just unconciously scared to go back to school after such a long time. I don't like big crowds and I'm always worried about my memory and that I want's remember what I've been taught at exams. It took me four times to pass my drivers license. Not because I was a bad driver - I was good in the lessons- but during the driving exams I would totally black out. I had to go to an special examination office where they took more time with you. Fear of failure is what my driving instructor said. I would LIKE to go to college and learn -I always want to learn new things. Andf to be realistic, where are you nowadays without a proper college degree? Behind the till at Tesco? A factory worker? Nothing wrong with those jobs, but it's for me. I know I can do more then that.

I will write more later.


Friday, 3 July 2009

Oh my goodness!

I won something!! A while ago I took part in a contest (see here: http://lieselsgardenparty.blogspot.com/2009/01/my-contest-entry-d.html) and I'm the first winner!

Look at that!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Liesel's Ambitions: Work

What to do with oneself?
I finished secondary school, went to college after which I started at my summer job which lasted 5 years before I quit to go travelling and to be quite honest to get away from everything. A year later I have three part-time jobs and, to be frank, I'm just going with the (slow) current. I'm quite happy but really someone of my age (25) I should have a full time job and be able to provide for myself or, at the very least, study. I don't do either. Which really stopped me is that it's scarry to go back in 'society'. I have lived a sheltered life after college and have become a homebody. Oh I go out shopping and walks but nothing really sociable outside my family and work. I KNOW have to do something with my life - especially after my cousin's young death I have become aware that you shouldn't take life for granted and vowed to life by the day. Most of the times I do enjoy the little things; a cat sleeping in the sun, birds gathering twigs to build their nest, the glowing stars at night and I'm happy I can see and appreciate those things because I know many people don't and they miss out on so much! My parents quite rightly dispair of me and keep nagging I should do something. My mum has been telling me to become a secretary for years now but no longer is she saying to me to the course but she's telling me I am. It's one year course and even in this time secretaries are in demand which is a good thing to know. I just can't see myself as one. Then again I can't see me doing any job. I keep going in circles. I have so many interests that I find it difficult to choose one study because it means not doing another one that interests me as well. Of course now I'm letting them go all by not chosing any study. I'd love to study history but I'm very sensitive and honestly don't know if I can deal with the horrors of the death penalty and wars. I love art history but could you make a carreer in it? Thelogy, because I'm intered in different religions and I think I'm make quite a good Theologist. I suppose you could work in a museum (doing what?) or a teacher and one thing I am certain about is that I'm not teacher material! I have difficulty enough to make the dogs listen to me, let alone children. Something I will have to learn may I have my own children one day. I'd love to make a difference. That's always the first thing that comes to my mind when I think what I want to do with my life. I enjoy taking care of people but I could not be a nurse (I'm too skittish). I'd love to see the world but to work in the travel world I'm afraid it will rub away the fun out of it and being a vegetarian/vegan brings some problems along. So secretary doesn't sound too bad although a bit boring perhaps? A friend of my sister's is a secretary and she enjoys her work and being only 20 she just bought her own home! I'm a girl who likes her luxuries; getting my eyebrows plugged, going on holiday a few times a year, more expensive clothes like Oililly & Ted Baker (although I don't buy them too often and also love shopping at Primark & TK Maxx). If I have well paid job I could work part-time (4 days a week or only mornings) which would be ideal and like mum always says you can do fun things in your spare time. I've always wanted to learn riding, keep bees and make pottery and I would have time and energy to those. I have to say if you have read so far I'm impressed! It must be quite a bore to read about my ramblings but appreciate your having read everything so far. Now my question is what do you think I should do? And what would you do in my situation? Don't worry about sparing my feelings, I want you to be very honest and frank.
Thanks, Liesel

Friday, 27 March 2009

Too much? Liesel's Ambitions

Liesel's Ambitions

Too much energy. I sometimes feel like doing cartwheels right on street, to run just for the fun of it around the block, to go kickboxing! Just to release energy. For a twenty-five year old girl I live a very simple life and monotome life. But I want to do things! Take sewing lessons and make my very own Jane Austen dress (and wear it!, learn to run a marathon (or at least a half one to start with), go linedancing! Jazz ballet! I think I have rhytmn but the how should I know? I only dance when noone is watching. All this energy bubbled inside me must be put to a good cause. I care about animals and my heart just breaks when I see an animal in pain. I always say that's the reason why I can't work with animals, but perhaps that's the very why I should do it! To fight for your cause and to put all your energy in it saving those lives! But can I live with it? Will I still be able to sleep at night without breaking out in a sweat in middle of the night because of nightmares? I don't know. Nelson Mandela once said that a strong will can go two ways: very bad or (thank goodness) in his case to be ultimate good. You can choose where you put your energy in. I feel like I have all this energy bottled up inside me, wasting it away while I good do good things with it. But what is that good? Perhaps I'll never know, or perhaps I do but just don't take the time to sit down and reflect and see things clearly. Not an easy task for a scatty brain and someone who has great difficulty to sit still and do one thing at a time. Who knows where I'll be in another five years. Hopefully up to something good :o)

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
- Nelson Mandela


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Shopping: Saint Patrick's Day

I love Irish Blessings. They are so cheerful and full of good homour you can't helpbut smile. Ah Ireland. You know I've never been to Ireland, that is to say not yet ;) Irish whiskey, pubs, castles and legends.. it's a fascinating country. My uncle lived in Ireland but I have never visited him there. Anyway enough chit chat :p Here are some of my favourite Irish Blessings and underneath my favourite Saint Patrick gifts. Enjoy!

May brooks and trees and singing hills
Join in the chorus too,
And every gentle wind that blows
Send happiness to you.

May God grant you many years to live,
For sure He must be knowing
The earth has angels all too few
And heaven is overflowing.

May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May the lick of the Irish enfold you.
May the blessing of Saint Patrick behold you.

Irish Toast
When we drink, we get drunk.
When we get drunk, we fall asleep.
When we fall asleep, we commit no sin.
When we commit no sin, we go to heaven.
So, let's all get drunk, and go to heaven!

Happy Saint Paddy's everyone!

-click on the image to enlarge-

1 Irish Pirate Elf Boots by Super Fay (I absolutely LOVE these!)
2 Green Flower Cowl by PhylPhil
3 Cuddly Cat Snuggle Bed by Craft Smith
4 Clover Wall Stickers by Shannon
5 Legendary Luck - Felt Brooch Pin by A Beautimus Hodgepodge
6 Green Beer Earrings by Button Divas

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, I just didn't feel very inspired. Hope you all been well!

Love, Liesel

Monday, 2 March 2009

The Watered Lilies

Poetry Monday

The Watered Lily's

The MASTER stood in His garden,
Among the lilies fair,
Which His own right hand had planted,
And trained with tend’rest care.

He looked at their snowy blossoms,
And marked with observant eye
That the flowers were sadly drooping,
For their leaves were parched and dry.

“My lilies need to be watered,”
The Heavenly Master said;
“Wherein shall I draw it for them,
And raise each drooping head?”

Close to his feet on the pathway,
Empty, and frail, and small,
An earthen vessel was lying,
Which seemed no use at all;

But the Master saw, and raised it
From the dust in which it lay,
And smiled, as He gently whispered,
“This shall do My work today:

“It is but an earthen vessel,
But it lay so close to Me;
It is small, but it is empty—
That is all it needs to be.”

So to the fountain He took it,
And filled it full to the brim;
How glad was the earthen vessel
To be of some use to Him!
He poured forth the living water
Over His lilies fair,
Until the vessel was empty,
And again He filled it there.

He watered the drooping lilies
Until they revived again;
And the Master saw with pleasure
That His labor had not been vain.

His own hand had drawn the water
Which refreshed the thirsty flowers;
But He used the earthen vessel
To convey the living showers.

And to itself it whispered,
As He laid it aside once more,
“Still will I lie in His pathway,
Just where I did before.

“Close would I keep to the Master,
Empty would I remain,
And perhaps some day He may use me
To water His flowers again.”
- Author unknown

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Saturday Shopping: Down at the Farm

Down at the Farm
There's nothing much better then grass under your feet and the smell of the farm. Hiding out in the haybarn, watching the cats chase the chickens and mother goose happily trodding along with the cows making there way to the milk shed. Oh, the good life!

Saturday Shopping

-click on the image to enlarge-

1 Felted Pink Pig Ornament by R. Parnell
2 Mother Goose Bookplates by Boy Girl Party
3 Mother Goose and her Goslings by Kooyman Designs
4 Farmyard Donkey by Mamma 4 Earth
5 Red Farm Tractor by Kooyman Designs
6 Bernard Bunny and Little Beau Blue by Mrs Kwitty's Cottage
7 Another Dashshund With Hat Print by Poor Dog Farm
8 Card Milkshake by A Punkin Card Company

Cherish this sunday, Liesel

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saturday Shopping: Home Sweet Home

Saturday Shopping
~*Home is where your heart is *~

Where we love is home,
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.
- Mother Teresa

Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.
- Henry Van Dyke

-click on image to enlarge-

1. Bird House Clip On by Lilla Lotta
2. Blue Birdhouse by Gypsy and Twink
3. Our House In The Middle Of The Street Ring by Hilde Groven
4. Brooch Pink House by Intres
5. My Chimney Blows Birds Pillow by Olive
6. Oops! I forgot number six. 25 yo and I still can't count to 10 *Ü*
7. Bird House Handcrafted Stamp by Craft Pudding
8. Miniature Clay House by The Little Red Door

Have a great weekend,


p.s. Irma I finally send your parcel! Sorry about the pine needles *Ü*

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Saturday Shopping: Love is a cupcake

Saturday Shopping

One of my favourite things to bake: cupcakes. They say the love of a man goes through his stomach so if that means I can entice him with my baking skills I'd bake every single day *Ü* Here are some of my favourite (non eatable) cupcakes on the net. What is your favourite?

1. She Loves Cupcakes Print by rkdsign88
2. Original Art Wood 8 x 10 Plaque by Jenny's Bakeshop
3. Larry Lemon Cupcake Softie by Michelle Heaume Designs
4. Cupcake Fingerless Mitts pattern by Karendipity
5. Red Velvet Cupcake by Paola 72
6. Cupcake Child's Apron by Gagie Pagie Pudding Pie
7. Sweet Set by rkdsign88
8. Berrylicious Cupcake Purse-let by Arkitek Tonika

Thank you for visiting on this sunny Saturday!


Friday, 13 February 2009

Show & Tell Friday: Tea cups & Saucers

Show and Tell
Some bits and pieces I inherited from nan Elizabeth. I'm sorry for the poor quility of the photo's, the light at this time of the day is terrible. (as is my photography)

If something reminds me of nan Elizabeth it certainly is her white and pink teaset. Sleeping over at nan and grandfathers house we would drink tea together in the morning with biscuits before starting breakfast.
These are by Villeroy & Boch

I love these pretty cake plates. They are quitessential 'nan' :o)
Bouquet by Villeroy & Boch

As are these by Mason's

My angel biscuits

My weakness: flowers and birds <3>
Phoenix Blau by Villeroy & Boch

I don't particular like this cup and saucer, so I think I might give it to my best friend Henry who will love it =) I do love the spoon! Notice the the little priest?

Also if you have the time I'd greatly appreciate if you'd read my post below and hopefully have some advice or tips.

Thank you for visiting my garden.

Wishing a wonderful sunny weekend, Liesel

Help! How to choose?

I blame my sister. She adopted her dog (Ollie) from Spain, saving her life. Now that I'm starting to look for a dog of my own she twisted my mind to adopt a dog instead of getting a puppy from a breeder. The stories she told me about the Spanish animal shelters where so heart shattering I am now serious considering adopting a dog from Spain. There is a Spanish organistation (that is also located in Holland, England, Denmark) who save dogs from the death and have set up an adoption center. There are four favourite dogs, but how can you possibly decide between them? My friends told it's best to see them in person, but it will be expensive to go all the way to Spain just to see the dogs (at least €500 / $640) :(

"My" dogs (if I lived on a farm I'd adopt them all!)

He truelly is beautiful, almost too beautiful! Mum has already fallen in love with him.
TOMY was a gift around the holiday 3 kings one year ago, but now at the same date he has been dumped and replaced by another puppy. Poor Tomy hopes he gets a second chance where he can be happy for the rest of his life. He is a good dog, social with kids and other dogs. Tomy is a male and 1 year old.

She reminds me of my old dog :) I love the colour of her coat. Isn't she cute?
This is Jacky, the only lady that was left behind, a real good character, is good and social with other dogs. She is very playful, a real crasy but cool girl like every pup! Jacky is about 7 to 8 months.

Everytime I see her my heart melts <3 My only concern is, is she too big? Will I be able to let her off the lead?
Who is looking for a kissing machine must consider our Maika who has so much love to give. She was found abandoned and neglected and could not be approached. Now she is just hugging and licking. Maika is a 1 year old very elegant young female, ready to leave for her new home.

I think with a lot of care and cuddles she'll transform into a happy dog again. I had a dream about a beagle the other night. My sister tried to steal her from me *g* I have always loved these dogs. The only problem is that they have very strong hunting instincts which is why you can't let them of the lead =(
Tiny is a Beagle of about 2 years old who has been dumpend. It’s a beagle with a golden caracther, very affectionate and sweet,social and good with other dogs.
She is a bit shy en very humble.
She was bought by a breeder but he change his breed en so Tiny had to go the last station…

Any tips? Which dog gets your vote?