Friday, 13 February 2009

Help! How to choose?

I blame my sister. She adopted her dog (Ollie) from Spain, saving her life. Now that I'm starting to look for a dog of my own she twisted my mind to adopt a dog instead of getting a puppy from a breeder. The stories she told me about the Spanish animal shelters where so heart shattering I am now serious considering adopting a dog from Spain. There is a Spanish organistation (that is also located in Holland, England, Denmark) who save dogs from the death and have set up an adoption center. There are four favourite dogs, but how can you possibly decide between them? My friends told it's best to see them in person, but it will be expensive to go all the way to Spain just to see the dogs (at least €500 / $640) :(

"My" dogs (if I lived on a farm I'd adopt them all!)

He truelly is beautiful, almost too beautiful! Mum has already fallen in love with him.
TOMY was a gift around the holiday 3 kings one year ago, but now at the same date he has been dumped and replaced by another puppy. Poor Tomy hopes he gets a second chance where he can be happy for the rest of his life. He is a good dog, social with kids and other dogs. Tomy is a male and 1 year old.

She reminds me of my old dog :) I love the colour of her coat. Isn't she cute?
This is Jacky, the only lady that was left behind, a real good character, is good and social with other dogs. She is very playful, a real crasy but cool girl like every pup! Jacky is about 7 to 8 months.

Everytime I see her my heart melts <3 My only concern is, is she too big? Will I be able to let her off the lead?
Who is looking for a kissing machine must consider our Maika who has so much love to give. She was found abandoned and neglected and could not be approached. Now she is just hugging and licking. Maika is a 1 year old very elegant young female, ready to leave for her new home.

I think with a lot of care and cuddles she'll transform into a happy dog again. I had a dream about a beagle the other night. My sister tried to steal her from me *g* I have always loved these dogs. The only problem is that they have very strong hunting instincts which is why you can't let them of the lead =(
Tiny is a Beagle of about 2 years old who has been dumpend. It’s a beagle with a golden caracther, very affectionate and sweet,social and good with other dogs.
She is a bit shy en very humble.
She was bought by a breeder but he change his breed en so Tiny had to go the last station…

Any tips? Which dog gets your vote?


Denise said...

It is a wonderful thing you are doing and also good to hear about the Spanish Rescue center. I would be no help in choosing. I would have to take them all. Sorry! Those eyes, heart-wrenching!

Irma said...

Awww they are all adorable! Aren't there any dogs in Holland that you can save from death?

Patience Frost said...

I have told you before that you're amazing for wanting to adopt a dog to save its life. They are all beautiful, and I honesty wouldn't be able to decide myself.

Cass said...

Any one of these dogs will be a welcome addition to your life. It would be very expensive to visit them in Spain; sometimes "rescue" dogs come with special needs, and you may need that money to cope with those special needs.

My husband and I ran a dog rescue volunteer group for some years, covering the North East USA. It is important for the rescue group you are using to be very honest about each dog it presents to you.

You want to know the good AND the bad, whatever that may be.

Best of luck in your adoption; look into your own heart, as to which of those dogs speaks to you and asks you to give him a "forever home."