Thursday, 5 February 2009

Why stop at myself?

As you all know I'm trying to be more indepedent bit by bit, but why stop at myself? What about where I live? You can make your own clothes, have a vegetable patch and know a thing or two about plumbling, but you living in a normal house you are still dependent on the gas supplies, electrity from the local enerigty generator and need to use the plumbling etc. But you can change that. Especially with the global warming -although I don't believe in- you are starting hear more and more about eco-friendly houses and I think that may be the key to more indepence plus you are helping the earth which is always a great thing (and should really be my main priority!)

I came across the fantastic artitectect Vincent Callebaut who designed Lilypad, an eco-friendly and self-sustainable 'city' floating on the ocean. Doesn't it look like something out of The Jetsons?

Quote: "Whereas the Netherlands and the United Arabic Emirates « fatten » their beach with billion of euros to build their short-living polders and their protective dams for a decade, the project «Lilypad» deals with a tenable solution to the water rising! Actually, facing the worldwide ecological crisis, this floating Ecopolis has the double objective not only to widen sustainabely in offshore the territories of the most developed countries such as the Monaco principality but above all to grant the housing of future climatic refugees of he next submerged ultra-marine territories such as the Polynesian atolls. New biotechnological prototype of ecologic resilience dedicated to the nomadism and the urban ecology in the sea, Lilypad travels on the water line of the oceans, from the equator to the poles following the marine streams warm ascending of the Gulf Stream or cold descending of the Labrador.

It is a true amphibian half aquatic and half terrestrial city, able to accommodate 50,000 inhabitants and inviting the biodiversity to develop its fauna and flora around a central lagoon of soft water collecting and purifying the rain waters. This artificial lagoon is entirely immersed ballasting thus the city. It enables to live in the heart of the subaquatic depths. The multifunctional programming is based on three marinas and three mountains dedicated respectively to the work, the shops and the entertainments. The whole set is covered by a stratum of planted housing in suspended gardens and crossed by a network of streets and alleyways with organic outline. The goal is to create a harmonious coexistence of the couple Human / Nature and to explore new modes of living the sea by building with fluidity collective spaces in proximity, overwhelming spaces of social inclusion suitable to the meeting of all the inhabitants – denizen or foreign-born, recent or old, young or aged people. "

You can read more about his project on his website.

Last night I made a list how you can save money and be self-sufficant in your own home. The list will hopefully keep growing, but these wherethe first things I thought of. In no particular order:

  1. Triple glassed windows to keep out the cold in the winter and help the house keep cool in summer
  2. Using rainwater to flush the loo
  3. Make a compost pile for the garden
  4. Solar panels (for energy)
  5. Grow grass on the roof (wouldn't you love a golf course on your roof *g*)
  6. Wind turbine (although not very attractive)

I know you will never be totally indepent. If you are ill you still have to see the doctor and something you just can't repair yourself, but I think it will be satisfying nonetheless. If you have anything to add, I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions!



George said...

The floating city is an interesting concept. I wonder if any will ever be built. I like your suggestions for a more sustainable home. We don't have grass on the roof or a wind turbine, but we're making progress on the others.

Irma said...

That is really cool! I'd hate to live in it with so many people though, it would make me feel claustrofobic!

Just one more day!!! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

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