Thursday, 8 January 2009

My contest entry! :D

When I came across the beautiful website of Gisele Jaquenod my heart skipt a beat. I absolutely adore her illustrations and designs. When I saw she started a contest where I can win a mug with her illustrations I didn't hesitate! Here are my entries :o)

1. Birdie says: Eggcelent choice, Duckson (as an anecdote to Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson)
2. Birdie says: Hot Chocolate Days! (I thought it appropiate for on a mug)
3. Birdie says: Bad Hare Day? (with his friend Mister Hare all ruffled up. Cute for Easter?)

You'll have to forgive my drawing skills on paint, their not very pretty. This is a bit what I had in mind when I first came up with the quotes =)
1. (Birdie as Sherlock Holmes)
3. Mister Hare

If you want to join, here are the guidelines
1. You have to think of a little script for a Birdie Says mug. In it, Birdie must appear alone or with some friend that you will describe, saying something of course (That’s why it’s called Birdie Says). Remember that there’s a limited space in a mug, so the idea has to be cute and fun, and yet simple.
2. You have to post your script idea in your blog, explaining about this contest and linking to this post. Sketches are not necessary, just a little written idea.
3. Afterwards, as usual, drop a comment in here with the link to your post with the entry for the contest


Irma said...

How cute! I hope you win!

Silvia said...

Love your drawings! Let us know if we can vote for you :)

Patience Frost said...

Those are adorable!

Diah Utami said...

Congratulation for wining the contest. Nice quote for a nice mug. I like it ;)