Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Blue Monday

Sunday evening I heard mum talking with a friend when she said something that made me very sad. As I knew before my sister's boyfriend will come at the end of the week to Holland to work in Amsterdam. During the week he will live there, but in the weekend he will come to this site of the country and spend the weekend with my sister in dad's old apartment. What I didn't realise is that my sister will be moving permantly to the apartment and will take Ollie (the dog) with her :( That just tears me up! People who have never had a dog won't understand this but I can not live without a dog. When lil sis went away for the week with Ollie I was depressed the whole week. My food didn't taste nice, I felt lonely, I didn't care about anything expect getting that dog back! It's just so hard to be home without a dog and -as if I don't miss her enough already- I miss my dog so so much more

My sister looking for an apprenticeship place a while ago showed me the website of a Spanish animal shelter where I saw this dog I just tore up. She is so immensely sad at if I had the money I would be on the first plane to Spain to take her home - to try and give her a good home wher she'll be happy.

I just went to their website to post a photo of her when I saw she wasn't there anymore

I scrolled down in the hope that she was somewhere else and they just misplaced her when I found her, but I think she is adopted by someone else. Silvia you'd me angel if you could translate this. Does Adoptado mean adopted in Spanish?

Liesel, with very mixed feelings


George said...

I do hope your Spanish dog was adopted. As far as your sister's dog is concerned, I can understand why you are blue.

Irma said...

Aww Isa, that really sucks :-(
I wish you could get your own dog!

Silvia said...

Yes, it mens the dog was adopted! Don't worry, they don't give dogs to just anyone, if it has been adopted it means it went to a nice home :) Can't you get a dog once your sister moves?

Liesel's House & Garden Party said...

Thanks for your kind comments =)

Dad called and said we will go to the animal shelter next week and see if they have a dog for me =)

Irma said...

Aww yay! It will be wonderful to have your own dog!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Though I don't have a dog my family has always had one so I can understand the feelings you have.