Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Going Down Memory Lane

It's been 1,5 years ago since Eve and I had our backbacking adventure but only last week I finally started on putting the 700(!) photo's in an album. Or albums I should say. I probably need about six! You know I realised how wonderful photo's can be. Going through them and sorting them out brought back so many memories and transported me right back to all the wonderful places we saw and adventures we had. Things I forgot but looking at the photo's remembering the stories behind them


We had a budget we tried to stick too, but like most budgets we went through it pretty fast! For the first 6 weeks we stayed at Bed & Breakfasts, hostels and apartments but if we wanted to travel further we had too make a compromise on our accomodation. And we did: we traded it for a tent. In the burning heat going from one part of Alghero to the other in search of a tent only to find them closed for their siesta. We passed a supermarket earlier which was open so we decided to spend the half hour browsing and mainly cooling *g* their untill the camping shops would open. In Florence we saw scouts with these strange round rucksacks which I was told where tents and that's what we bought! Not too heavy, very easy to put up and handy to carry around seeing as our backpacks where already filled to the brim.

Eve cycling back to our apartment with our brand new tent

When we got back to our apartment we had to see the tent up!

To find out it was the same size as our small double bed!

That would be promising seeing as we already kept bumping into eachother at night!

Yes well that might be a problem as we found out on our first campsite

We had so much luggage it took up half the tent. Oops!

So after an uncomfortable night squeezed between all our baggage we went back to the camping shop to buy another tent for all our luggage! Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

More to carry but at least we could have a good night sleep *g*

Love, Liesel


Patience Frost said...

Looks like such an adventure. I am sure it was amazing, and the pics are lovely.