Sunday, 30 November 2008

Today's Flowers

Dahlia's in Eric's garden <3

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Saturday Shopping: Angels

(click here for a bigger picture)

1 Needle Felted Mini Angel Christmas Ornament by BossysFeltworks
2 Angel Chipboard Tags by thecraftpantry
3 Tree Top Holiday Angel by winsomehollow
4 Christmas Angel Mini Wallet by theyellowroses
5 Christmas Gift Tags by mogencreative
6 Glory Tree Topper by Middleburg
7 Faith Angel Necklace by BlackStar
8 Don't Clip My Wings by mandymayl

Friday, 28 November 2008

Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell

I wanted to take photo's today - I've been planning all week what I would show you ladies today(!)- only not be able to find my camera cord . You'll have to wait for next friday then!

So today's Show & Tell are older photo's I dug up from my photobucket account. Enjoy ^_^

My little haven

I love reading and although they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover I have to admit that I often do! I love colourful covers that brighten up my book case. I can spend ages adjusting books and colour coördinating them *g*


The paper Habitat lamp is now gone has been replaced with a stunning Laura Ashley chandelier.

The stunning flowers, at least I think so, are ranonkels.

My sweetheart sleeping on my bed. I miss her so so much.

Sky Watch Friday

Dutch Winter Sky

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Strange Train of Thoughts: Matches

Recently a porcelain cup fell down on the ground smashing to pieces, but keeping the candle inside intact (minus a small bruise). It was a Christmas present from mum two years ago. It was a very pretty little thing covered with flowers, ladybugs and my name. Technically it just said Isabel since they didn't have one with Isabella) So why I am sharing this with you? Well I never lighted the candle in the cupo because I thought it would be a pity, but now I could so that's what I did. Every evening for the past week I have enjoyed the pretty glow and shadows dancing along my walls from the flickering flame. I am an old-fashioned girl so I used matches instead of a lightner and that's where this perhaps strange question comes into: How do you put the flame of a match out? As I thought about it I realised there are quite a few ways to go about it and I was wondering what yours was Ü So please share!


Monday, 24 November 2008

Altar Smoke

Poetry Monday

Altar Smoke

Somewhere inside me
There must always been
A tenderness
For the little, lived-with things
A man crowds upon his worn fistful of earth.
Somewhere inside of me
There must have always been
A love
Made to fill the square aggressiveness of new-cut hedges,
And feed the pursed green mouths of baby leaves;
A love made to understand
The way grass cuddles up to porch steps leaned upon by time,
And why dandelions nudge the stones along the walk;
A love for garden hose curled sleeping in the noon hush,
Coolness trickling lazily from its open mouth,
For shingles starched and saucy in white paint,
And an old rake rusty with dreams of tangled grass and butterflies.
A love
For candle flames, like pointed blossoms on their ghostly stems,
And frost-forets breathing wonder on the parlour windows.
Somewhere inside of me
There must have always been
An altar of hewn stones
Upon which my casts these-
Burnt offerings-
To make a sweet savour
Unto my soul.

Give me the strenght my God,
To scatter fires and tumble the altar stones in confusion;
Give me the strenght to raise my eyes,
So that hard and sharp across my heart
Like shadow cut on mountain rock,
Will fall the agony of sunset-
So that I can see
The laughter of clouds spun into the blue web of infinity,
So that my soul can reach out
And melt in the sweep forever
Above all these.

- Rosalie Grayer

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Saturday Shopping: Cath Kidston

Making my Saint Nicholas wish list I wrote down: something from No2. No2. is a quint little shop hidden away in side street of a busy shopping street. Stepping inside is like stepping into a treasary: magic! I could browse for hours and if I had enough money I would literrally buy everything they sell! Now best to describe the style is á la Cath Kidston which is why I choice her shop to be shop of the week :o) No2 doesn't have an website so I had to compromise ;)



These remind me so much of my dog, good memories :o)

We all have weaknesses when it comes to shopping and mine is definitely anything with spots! Like these super soft towels and bedspread

Another thing I can never resist are PJs. I have so many already but can never resist buying more *Ü*

Wallpaper: either you love it or you hate it. Me I love it! I would be one of those persons that would decorate her cloakroom in a chintz wallpaper like this beautiful one from CK.

Mugs are another thing I can usually not resist. I love this summery mug

Want more? Check her lovely book or visit her website. Clicking on any of the items and it will bring you there :o)

What are your favourites?

Friday, 21 November 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Show and Tell

My treasured quote book :o)

I collect pretty pictures from magazines which I then paste into my quote book to make it look prettier

I add my favourite quotes in it..

..but also small pieces from books that mean something to me :o)

Ready to add more quotes

Close-up of a collage

Still unfinished, things to add, notes, pictures etc. A never-ending task, but one I enjoy *Ü*

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Liesel's Ambitions 3

Three post ago you could read how I want to be independent so I thought I'd create a list. I'm the queen in list making driving my nearest family and friends crazy with it. I write on everything! Old envelopes, note blocks, milk cartons, tissue paper.. whatever is nearest. Of course I have so many that I can't keep track of them! Well this one I am going to post here where I can not lose it and remind myself of the goals I want to reach :o)



Short Term
o Learn to sew (be able to make my own clothes)
o Learn to knit, especially socks (to keep me warm during the winter)
o Start/grow a vegetable garden (eat your own produce, nothing tastes better)

Long Term
o Take a DIY course
o Have chickens (for fresh eggs to bake my cakes)

Is there anything else that I missed out? Any tips how to go about it?

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Saturday Shopping: Not On The High Street

Some of my favourite things :o)

I just love this wooden heart to bits <3

Who thought doorstops could be so cute? I'd love to bring her home <3

As art or as magnetic board; both useful and pretty.

Scented love heart garland's to make your house a home throughout the year

A lovely plate for your high tea treats Ü

What are your favourites?

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Not quite sure about a title

I'm not quite sure why I started a blog seeing as I am a very private girl. No shocking confessions (not that I have them, or at least am aware of). That said there's something I want to get of my chess so here I am extending a bit of my privacy =)

I have always been very grateful for everything in my life, couting my blessings. My family whon would go through fire for me, my friends and pets, work, but also the little things like food on my plate and fresh drinking water from the tap. I don't think many people realise what a blessing that is. I have been very lucky money wise, I'm certainly not rich (well not in the money way, with blessings I am a billionaire even in this time when things aren't that easy). The thing is I have run out of money. I went travelling for 2 months and came back with no money. Then something which greatly upset me happened and the money that I had just received from my tax return had to go there. It's not something I ever want to relive so I'm afraid I'll keep you in the dark about the what and who. The only thing is that by doing things for others you can put yourself in great trouble and it being shoved down your throat as thanks. Thankfully I am blessed with wonderful parents and little sister who are now supporting me. Wonderful but on the other hand one of the most awful things: to be dependent on others, to have to ask for money just so you can buy a loaf of bread. Mum especially is very easygoing about it, but I just dread asking her for money. She won't think any less of me, complaining doesn't even come up in her head (most people call her too kind for this world) but I feel ashamed asking her. It's certainly not something am I proud of. For these last five years I have worked and my own money which brings along with it freedom: freedom to move, freedom in mind, no worrying, knowing you will be able to eat the next day. Now I search the whole house and am delighted when I find 10 cents! Ten cents affords me the luxery for a cup of hot chocolate at work. Perhaps I should save my 10 cents, spending 50 cents on hot chocolate a week could have gone towards something more important like.. okay there's not much buy for that little money. I am thankfully very lucky to still live at home so I don't have to worry about rent. I did appreciate my money and independence before but never as much as I am now. I found myself a job but I have to wait for my pay check for another month so untill then I have to keep crunching my teeth and watch the penny very carefully.

I never really thought about it before, but I don't think I could ever be a stay at home parent because it would mean being dependent on someone else - I don't like spending other people's money if I haven't earned it myself. (Not that you don't work hard enough for it as a SAHM, more so probably but it's different getting paid buy your boss or hubby). This situation made me realise I want to be able to hold myself up and with that I mean it with everything: paying the shopping with my own money, fixing the broken door myself, being able to plaster a wall, able to make my own clothes, having a vegetable garden, chickens and cow so I don't even have to go to the supermarket: in short to be self dependent, to be self sufficiant. So there we are, that is my early New Years resolution. Take up courses in sewing and knitting, a diy course and start that vegetable garden. I might not get there in a year but that's alright, it's a step forwards.


Friday, 14 November 2008

Quote of the Week

Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you.
- Marsha Norman

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Saturday Shopping: Lark Made

Some of my favourite things :o)