Thursday, 20 November 2008

Liesel's Ambitions 3

Three post ago you could read how I want to be independent so I thought I'd create a list. I'm the queen in list making driving my nearest family and friends crazy with it. I write on everything! Old envelopes, note blocks, milk cartons, tissue paper.. whatever is nearest. Of course I have so many that I can't keep track of them! Well this one I am going to post here where I can not lose it and remind myself of the goals I want to reach :o)



Short Term
o Learn to sew (be able to make my own clothes)
o Learn to knit, especially socks (to keep me warm during the winter)
o Start/grow a vegetable garden (eat your own produce, nothing tastes better)

Long Term
o Take a DIY course
o Have chickens (for fresh eggs to bake my cakes)

Is there anything else that I missed out? Any tips how to go about it?


Abounding Treasures said...

I'm the type of person that often makes lists and then forgets where i put them :o(

Thanks for visiting my blog today!