Sunday, 14 December 2008

Yummy Sunday

Driving over roads that reminded me of spaghetti (very curvy, turny) we arrived at at one of the most picturesque harbors. It was queit, but not too queit as walked along it's street. The street was lined with little cafe's and restaurant with a few people here and there enjoying the shade of the pergula's, the beach scene below, the beautiful views over the Mediterranean Sea. When we passed a typical Greek blue and white coloured cafe we couldn't resist the temptation and sat down. This was is what we had for lunch *heart* It was just perfect <3>

Please do not use this photo without asking my permission first. Thank you!


People with Cameras said...

Oh wow, that looks so good! And the scenery is beautiful :)

Judy Elizabeth said...

Liesel, the food looks wonderful! It is very cold and snowy here in Montana. -22 degrees below zero! With the wind chill is much colder.
So, you scene looks as wonderful as the food!


Judy Elizabeth

janet said...

wow. so healthy lunch! and the scene on the background is lovely.

Norm said...

wow! looks so yummy and I love to eat that, I'm hungry..

web said...

hi ... nice to meet u

2sweetnsaxy said...

Man, that looks really good!