Thursday, 9 October 2008


Grrr! I don't like myself half of the time! Forgetful, keep putting my foot in my mouth, I'm blunt. Today dad said I chould watch more carefully what I wear! I was wearing a, in my opinion, wintery skirt that's just over my knees and - what was the real problem- tights that look like a lizard skin. Dad thought I looked trashy. Now I'm a virtuous girl who won't be seen in a mini skirt or a tshirt where you can see half her, uhm, curves. So it's awful to hear you look trashy. I'm not angry with dad, he means well. I woke up early this morning to find that teh dog had peed on the carpet. My 'sweet' little sister had already left for college and really "why bother" walking her dog, while her big sister could do it? Wheter it is my dog or not, first thing after getting dressed is too walk the dog. But no, that is too much work for lil sis. She watches all those programs on anmial cruelty on Animal Planet, but meanwhile she let's her own dog suffer <<. Okay so that was the first joy of the day. As always I was late for an appointment and when I arrived there it seemed I had gotten the time wrong. I should have been there half an hour earlier. Thankfully it was quiet so I didn't have to wait too long to see the person I wanted to see. There I was, relieved I made it, that she told me I forgot to bring something. Well didn't forget, I just didn't know. Because I was in a hurry I hadn't been able to take a shower so my hair was greasy and my breath probably smelled because I hadn't brushed my teeth and forgot to bring gum. Ugh, another reason why I don't like myself is because I rant about all these awful things! Makes me feel like a right grumpy old woman.