Tuesday, 28 October 2008

One heck of an year

Let me tell you that the last 14 months have not be fun. In April nan Adriana passed away, in May nan Elizabeth, in June my dog. They do say things come in three don't they. I should have known. I just came back for lunch and mum says to me she has bad news. Our aunt has just passed away :( It's so incredibly unbelievable. She was such a wonderful lively person, it's difficult to imagine a world without her. My poor Aunt Wilhelmina is the only one in her generation left. A few days ago my aunt Johanna's sister passed away. She was in her late forties. She went to town shopping where she suddenly had breathing problems. Went home to lie down, the next day she's dead :'( It's unbelievable how much aunt Johanna (and her family) have gone through. First the death of her son-in-law (my cousin who was 30 yo), two weeks later she breaks her leg (which 1,5 years later still causes a lot of pain), and now her sister who was as healthy as a horse passes away. If you are religious, please keep our families in your prayers. Thank you.