Monday, 9 June 2008

I am in BIG trouble - May 16 2008

I handed in my notice at work Wednesday. Now mum found out about it before I could tell her myself! Image and video hosting by TinyPic I talked with her before at quiting my job but she is against it and always convinced me not to quit it just yet so this time I didn't tell her untill I exactly did it. I was at dad's yesterday and she called him and me seeing it was mum I answered. "Your dad there?" she asked crudely. Yes and gave the phone to dad thinking what happened? And then I hear that talking that h knew about it and was explaining why he thought I did the right thing but mum ended the conversation before he was finished talking. NOT a good sign! I hardly slept last night and I feel ashamed that I mum had to find out about it via a collegue while I wanted to tell her in person. I have the feeling as if I betrayed her although my collegue did that for me while I TOLD them mum didn"t know it yet =( I'm about to face her Image and video hosting by TinyPic