Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Joys of Housework

I like ironing. Yep, crazy I know, but there´s just something about that I love. The heath coming from the iron, and seeing progress. Making creasing clothes smooth. Now I hate vacuum cleaning (or hoovering as I call it). Once I start, I can't stop, although I guess that isn't a bad thing, it drives me crazy! Always start thinking I'm only do the main area, but in the end I am shuffling furniture around the house. I just shudder with the idea, of moving all those boxes under my bed, but if I don't know the bust bunnies will chase me in my dreams. I can't just hoover and leave things out, so I "have to" move that cupboard and hoover behind and under it, move those boxes from under my bed etc. At the moment I am living back home with mum and lil sis. Mum has been through a surgery and is not allowed to anything for the next two weeks, which means darling sis and I have to cook and do the housework - which includes hoovering. I told mum straight out that I hate hoovering, so she said to my sister that it would be her task in that case. We were expecting a guest and the living room badly needed to be vacuumed (the joy of pets!), and what do you think? My sister flat out refuses which meant mum started to hoovering herself! And according to the doctor that's the worst thing she could do! Now I love my sister to bits but she is very temperamental and if she doesn't want to something, it ain't happening! So what happens? I ended up doing my dreaded hoovering *sigh* Are there household works that you like, or even love doing? And what do you hate?