Wednesday, 7 November 2007

What do with myself? 2

I often think I should do this, I should do that. My friend Moniek has finished her studies and can now make a 'proper' living. A colleague of mine, she's 21, is in the middle of her career. Where am I? I'm 23, almost 24, and I'm still working somewhere which started out as a holiday job. Doing something where I don't have a degree in - although plenty of experience - and am not seeing a future in it. Mohammed Ali said: "Going through education today is hard, but going through it at a later age will be harder." I believe him. Yet I don't do anything about it. Should I be like everyone else - study, have a proper job - or go on as I am? HELP!

What do with myself? 1

It's difficult. On one hand I want to get away. Go to India. Go back to England. On the other hand, do I really? I'm just starting to get a social life here, how tiny it is. I went on holiday with Linda, Samantha and I are going shopping and she had this crazy idea to go running with. The poor things doesn't know what she suggested! I'm a terrible runner, unlike her. Then there's Bo. Although we mainly talk at work, I really like her and I know that if I need help or advice she will be there for me. I've always thought I'd go back to England and make a living there, but I'm not sure anymore :o/ Perhaps one of my fears is that when I move out, mum will sell the house. I love this house, and 'our' meadows. Nan Adriana keeps telling me how she would I happy she is that I am here now, and how she sad she will be if I would leave again. She's 87 years old. Do I really want to move away and miss spending time with her while she is still alive? The same for Nan Elizabeth. But if I let his stop me, there will always be a reason why I can't go. Laura, one of my best friends lives in England lives in and it would be great if we could spend more time together. We write and call each other now, but it's not the same as exactly being together. England is my second home, and how corny it may sound, half my heart is there. Coming back to home after England I feel as if I can take on the world. Unfortunately that feeling usually doesn't last long :o) Dilemma's, dilemma's..


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Running Beans and Chocolate

For what food can someone wake you up in the middle of the night? For me, 'snijboontjes' or running beans as I think they are called in English. Choosing between chocolate and running beans, I would choose the latest! A nice slice of sesame bread with chocolate comes a close second though!